Pronoun ribbons are not available for purchase directly through this website.

In Small Quantities

Small quantities of ribbons using our exact design can be requested as a donor reward from Tabletop Gaymers, the nonprofit organization that now manages this program.

In Larger Quantities

If you want to distribute pronoun ribbons at an event, we recommend buying them directly from a printer.

We’ve used MarcoPromos, pc/nametag, and Ribbons Galore in the past; all of them produce a high quality badge ribbon at a reasonable price. Depending on the quantity you need, we suggest checking with each printer and then negotiating the best price. If you want to use a different printer, our source files are available on the download page so can work with any printer.

Using Other Pronouns

If you wish to create badge ribbons using different pronouns, you are welcome to do so using the templates provided on the download page. We strongly recommend that you follow our design principles for a consistent representation.