As an event organizer

In our experience, we get the best results by gently encouraging everyone to use pronoun ribbons. When pronoun ribbons are common, they become part of the standard language of the event and are effective at helping people be comfortable talking about gender.

We do know that creating pronoun ribbons isn’t free! While we try to make a wide variety of ribbons available, you may not have the resources to have all of them available at your event. We have some advice on how to select the right proportions, and of what.

As an attendee

If pronoun ribbons are available at your event, take one and put it on! Then, pay attention to the pronouns other people want used and respect their choices when you talk to or about them.

If they aren’t available, you can bring your own. Bring one for yourself and wear it – or, if you are in a position to make them available to others, bring as many as you feel comfortable getting and distribute them yourself.